12 Jul 2011

My TusMobil mobile app

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Tridens’ software engineers have designed and implemented an innovative and intuitive Android app.

My TusMobil mobile app. is used to retrieve and display mobile consumption (inside and outside of the TusMobil network.) The application was developed for the Android platform and supports Android 1.6 and newer versions.
From an architectural perspective, this is a client application that communicates with a web service which is deployed on the JBoss SOA Platform. This web service interacts with the billing system (Oracle Billing and Revenue Management – Oracle BRM) to retrieve the necessary user specific data. The data are then passed back to the client through the web service.

Figure 1: Every time the application starts, the splash screen appears

The main features of the client application are as follows:

Displaying purchased consumption – displays the current number of spent call minutes, SMS messages, MMS messages, data transmissions, and other services as a percentage (figure 2.). The user can then scroll through the list and select a specific widget to see more details about how much of a particular service has been used and how much is still available (depending on the users’ subscription type.)

Figure 2: Purchased consumption

Displaying additional consumption – includes other services used that are not part of the subscription plan. These services are displayed in a vertical list. Every list item contains the name of the used service and the amount charged for it. To give a user a more comprehensive view (figure 3,) a pie chart (of used services) is rendered at the bottom of the screen.

Figure 3: Additional consumption

Language settings – the application supports localization for both the English and the Slovenian languages (figure 4).

Figure 4: Language settings

Refreshing – the data are automatically refreshed every minute if the application is in focus. Users can also refresh data manually by simply tapping on the rotating arrows icon (figure 2, top right corner.)

TusMobil client was tested on the following devices: HTC Nexus One, HTC Wildfire, Google Nexus, and Samsung Galaxy S; the client application was also tested on emulator.

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