19 Jan 2012

Tušmobil’s self-care portal

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For Tušmobil, we’ve designed and implemented a self-care portal; in Slovenian, it is called Moj Tušmobil. We’ve decided to use the JBoss SOA platform to run business logic while data are stored in the Oracle Billing and Revenue Management System (Oracle BRM or OBRM).

Picture 1: All the basic information about the client.

The current version includes the following features:

  • Displaying subscriber’s information
  • Displaying active services
  • Displaying consumption
  • Displaying invoices
  • Displaying call/content/SMS/MMS/GPRS history
  • Subscription to e-bill
  • Activation of services
  • Top up
  • CUG management

Picture 2: E-bills are part of Tusmobil's self-care.

Tusmobil’s selfcare enhances customer experience, generates new revenue, and reduces costs of introducing new services.

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