03 Jan 2017

Why being an Oracle BRM consultant?

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Why being an Oracle BRM consultant?
Oracle BRM developer

10 Oct 2016

BRMRestBridge for easy and quick integration of Oracle BRM

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If you’ve ever integrated Oracle Billing and Revenue Management (Oracle BRM) and any third party application, such as ERP, CRM, Self-Care, etc., then you know how it’s accomplished, what the challenges/problems are, and what the result is.

The integration can be achieved two ways. The first one is to connect to a CM process, call Oracle BRM opcode and pass on the input data in list format. The implementation can be done in programming languages, such as Java, C, C++, and Perl.

The second option is to install the WebService Manager component, start invoking the SOAP web-services and pass the data in XML format. However, here are a few pitfalls to this approach. Oracle BRM WebService component doesn’t support all opcodes; neither does it support customized opcodes and fields. In such cases. you need to extend the XSD and WSDL files, which is very time consuming and awkward.

Previously described integration options are time consuming and don’t follow today’s agile development processes. Therefore, at Tridens, we’ve designed a component called BRMRestBridge, which introduces the integration via REST and JSON. The components support all out-of-the-box and customized opcodes and fields (attributes).

Let’s make an opcode call. First, we need to configure the headers’ attributes, such as BRM_URL, BRM_PORT, BRM_USER, BRM_PASSWORD. When we’ve set the headers, we need to define the POST request.

Finally, we have to configure the body, which serves as input to the post request.

To summarize, BRMRestBridge enables fast and easy integration of Oracle BRM with any application. To call any opcode with any field, you don’t need to write a line of code or change any XSD and WSDL files. Just use BRMRestBridge and voila, you’re all set.

20 Sep 2016

With BRMbox at Oracle Open World 2016

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With the US based partner, EBillSoft, we will present the BRMbox service at Oracle Open World in San Francisco. Please feel free to visit us at our kiosk at the exhibition hall, where we will showcasing the BRMbox service with the SalesForce, QuickBooks, payments and taxation gateways integrations.

16 Sep 2015

Tušmobil selected Tridens for Oracle BRM implementation

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Tušmobil selected Tridens for Oracle BRM implementation.

“We selected Oracle partner Tridens due to its expertise in software development and deep knowledge of Oracle Communications Billing and Revenue Management. Tridens conducted the upgrade in less than five months, developed extensions and customizations, and it provided integration with other IT systems. In addition, its consultants developed the Oracle Communications Billing and Revenue Management platform for hosting MVNO services, and it provides us with ongoing support, maintenance, and development, so that we can use the system to its fullest,” Antonic said.

More about you can find at link.

04 Jun 2015

Mast Mobile Launching Dual-Number Billing on Oracle BRM

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We are thrilled to announce that Mast Mobile Launched Dual-Number Billing on Oracle BRM. At Tridens we are proud to be part of this awesome project.

Hear David Messenger, CEO & Co-founder, Mast Mobile, discuss their newly launched, disruptive, single end-to-end solution for mobile enterprise communications allowing two numbers on a single phone – one for personal and one for business use.

02 Jun 2015

OTS 2015

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We are excited to announce that we are sponsorship this year OTS2015. More about OTS you may find at http://ow.ly/NKLm5

25 May 2015

Our Entry into the Oracle Openworld Call for Papers 2015

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We’ve applied to the Oracle OpenWorld call for papers with the following:

Building BRMbox: Cloudized Oracle Comms Billing and Revenue Management Service

Oracle Communications Billing and Revenue Management – BRM is a industry leading solution for convergent, real-time charging and billing. Based on our extensive experience of building, implementing and managing BRM based solutions for multiple customers, we at Tridens and Ebillsoft decided to build a fully cloud based software as a service solution based on BRM at its core and named it BRMbox. With BRMbox we bring together the power of BRM’s extreme business flexibility and benefits of SaaS like lower initial cost, ease of use and extremely fast time to market. In this session we will explain the process of cloudizing and abstracting BRM core, technologies & processes used, challenges and lessons learned during this process.

12 May 2014

Tridens’ MVNO billing solution

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Tridens has done a pre-built MVNO BRM 7.5 solution, which enables you a quick launch of your mobile services such as mobile voice & video-telephony, data & fax, SMS, MMS, GPRS, content, etc.; your MVNO can be launched in weeks instead of months.

The Tridens’ solution supports MVNO with own core elements, or MVNO with hosted elements. Moreover, it supports pricing, rating, billing, invoicing, and provisioning.

17 Mar 2014

Oracle BRM Positioned in the “Leaders” Quadrant in the Gartner 2013 Report

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Gartner announces that Oracle Communications Billing and Revenue Management (Oracle BRM) was positioned in the “Leaders” Quadrant of the Magic Quadrant for Application Infrastructure for Integrated Revenue and Customer Management for CSPs.


To see the report, please click on the link.

19 Jan 2012

Tušmobil’s self-care portal

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For Tušmobil, we’ve designed and implemented a self-care portal; in Slovenian, it is called Moj Tušmobil. We’ve decided to use the JBoss SOA platform to run business logic while data are stored in the Oracle Billing and Revenue Management System (Oracle BRM or OBRM).

Picture 1: All the basic information about the client.

The current version includes the following features:

  • Displaying subscriber’s information
  • Displaying active services
  • Displaying consumption
  • Displaying invoices
  • Displaying call/content/SMS/MMS/GPRS history
  • Subscription to e-bill
  • Activation of services
  • Top up
  • CUG management

Picture 2: E-bills are part of Tusmobil's self-care.

Tusmobil’s selfcare enhances customer experience, generates new revenue, and reduces costs of introducing new services.