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My TusMobil mobile app

Tridens’ software engineers have designed and implemented an innovative and intuitive Android app. My TusMobil mobile app. is used to retrieve and display mobile consumption (inside and outside of the TusMobil network.) The application was developed for the Android platform and supports Android 1.6 and newer versions. From an architectural perspective, this is a client […]

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The Development of Innovative Android Applications

On 4.3.2011 an Android workshop was held in Maribor. The subjects covered included the history of mobile operation systems and the introduction of Android. The topic of Android was divided into four sections: what Android is capable of; how Android applications can be developed; what Android’s market share is currently; and what the future holds […]

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Discover Your World

We’ve developed a service which connects individuals with the same interests – it brings together users with the people and services around them. For example, it can connect two people who want to play tennis, business people attending conferences on similar topics, teachers with potential students, and sellers with possible buyers. To implement this innovative […]

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