How to begin

Engagement process

Outsourcing your development work to Tridens is a simple process that consists of following steps:

Step 1: Getting in touch

This gets started once you fill out a Contact Form given on our website or call us on our contact numbers or send us an email at Our sales team will get in touch with you within 24 hours.

Step 2: Understanding and gathering your requirements

In this step, our sales team along with our solution consultants will contact you to discuss your project and resource requirements and gather all the necessary information.

Step 3: Sending a Proposal

After clearly understanding your requirements, we will send you a Proposal as a next step of engagement. This proposal will comprise all the technical and business aspects of the whole project. In case the engagement is for Offshore Dedicated Team, we’ll send resumes of short listed candidates that best match with your requirements.

Step 4: Interview of resources

It is your right to interview all or any of the resources and our duty to ensure that the process is easy and transparent. We’ll be more than happy to arrange interviews in any form – Telephonically or in person, as per your comfort.

Step 5: Project kick start

After the finalization of team, our account manager will work actively with you to define and create communication processes, delivery models and development environment (tools & process for QA, Bug Tracking, Project Management, Build Procedure etc.)

Engagement models

At Tridens, we offer a variety of engagement models to satisfy specific needs of our clients. We also work with you to customize these models and devise one which is specific just for your business needs.

The variety of Engagement Models offered by us includes:

Fixed Time / Fixed Price Projects

Our fixed time, fixed price model offers you a low-risk option and can be applied when the scope and specifications of the project are reasonably clear at the onset of the project. This model guarantees on-time, on-budget delivery of projects.

Time and Material Model

Our Time and Material model gives you a flexible option wherein you can dynamically adapt the team to the evolving/changing requirements. Small jobs, task based requirements and projects with lack of clarity in requirements at the start are best suited candidates for Time and Material model. This model offers more control and flexibility to clients during the execution of such requirements.

Dedicated Offshore Development

An Offshore Development Team is a team formed as per our customers’ unique development and business requirements. It functions from our Offshore Development Center in Slovenia on the basis of a fixed monthly fee. It is a low cost alternative to rapidly scale up / down your teams based on varying business needs.

Dedicated Onsite Model

We make our highly talented engineers available for on-site execution of projects where our customers wish to closely control the deliverables and need a certain degree of confidentiality. For the dedicated onsite model, we charge our customers on the basis of person hours.

Hybrid Model

This is a mix of Onsite and Offshore models and hence it gives you collective advantages associated with both of these models.

Professional Services Model

There are scenarios where product is integrated with other components at the deployment site. This mostly involves development and testing of the complete integrated solution. We provide this service through our highly talented and well trained engineers with years of field experience.

Revenue Sharing Model

Our parternships with clients ensure that our combined assets are utilized in a mutually beneficial way. In these partnerships, we share the risk and the upside with our clients through a Revenue Sharing arrangement.