JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform

Achieve a competitive advantage for your enterprise by improving business productivity, decreasing time to market, and reducing costs.

What is it?
The JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform comprises several outstanding and highly versatile service-oriented architecture (SOA) open source middleware features, including JBoss Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), workflow for Java developers based on jBPM, a business rules engine based on Drools, and the JBoss Enterprise Application Platform. All of these are invaluable tools when integrating applications, services, transactions, and business components into automated business processes.

What does it do?
The JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform empowers your business by providing the most efficacious means of integrating services, handling business events, and automating business processes more efficiently, linking IT resources, data, services and applications across the value chain.

Picture: Architecture from one of our projects where we integrated CRM, ERP, VAS, and billing.

Main Features:

  • JBoss Enterprise Service Bus (JBoss ESB)
  • JBoss Business Rules Engine (JBoss Rules)
  • JBoss Workflow for Java Developers (JBoss jBPM)
  • JBoss Enterprise Application Platform (JBoss EAP)


  • Eliminate Manual Pain Points from your Business Processes
  • Reduce Business Process Execution Error
  • Create Better Customer Experiences Leading to Higher Customer Satisfaction
  • Accelerate Business Execution and Improve Business Performance
  • Increase Return on Existing IT Investment
  • Enterprise-class Reliability and Scalability