Open Source Technologies

Currently Open Source Technology has become the most popular source of application development, adding significant benefits to emerging companies. Open source enables IT companies to access expert resources and components that accelerate the development and release process.

Open source software, which, compared to commercially licensed software, has advantages such as reduced total cost of ownership. enhanced interoperability, more rapid time-to-market, and technological transparancy.

The open source stack is not uniform; instead, it is configurable so as to meet our clients’ individual requirements and specifications. From an end-to-end perspective, this configurability empowers open source development, validation and deployment.

Tridens can provide the following vital resources: uncompromised support, the knowledge to handle all types of integration and licensing issues, and the ability to supply our clients with a quality product at a greatly reduced cost.

Moreover, the initial investment that comprises the setup cost of open-source application development is much less than for traditionally licensed applications. Finally, since open source technology has lower susceptibility to viruses, it offers both better security value and minimized risk.

Languages: – C++, Java, Ruby, PHP, and Perl
Web Layer: – Lucene (Search), Jasper Reports, JSTL,

– Control: Webworks, Rails, Struts, AJAX, etc.

EIS Layer: – JCA and Open JMS.

– MySQL, PostgreSQL, H2

– Hibernate, OJB JDO, etc.

Servers: – Apache Http Server, Tomcat, and JBoss
OS: – Solaris, Windows, Linux
Utilities: – JAAS, Spring, Eclipse Plugins, etc.

Some of the major reasons to use Open Source software are as follows:

  • Reduced Cost of Development up to 85 percent as compared to other technologies
  • Reduced Time-to-Market because of reduced time spent in development
  • Stability – The term “Stability” means that open source software ensures that it has identical behavior on different platforms
  • Huge community support – Free plugins and development support
  • Quick enhancement and bug fixing

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