Enterprise Service Manager

Enterprise Service Manager (ESM) is a superior monitoring and managing application that enables organizations to identify and resolve potential IT issues before they affect critical business processes.
With Enterprise Service Manager, you are able to monitor, manage, and analyze reports of your IT systems – anytime and everywhere.

Key benefits

  • Offers intuitive, centralized, browser-based management, anytime and everywhere.
  • Identifies potential issues and sends notifications before any problems occur.
  • Reduces complexity of IT management and enables future planning of your IT.
  • Provides cost-effective enterprise management solutions.
  • Configures your IT systems in one day; uses a pre-built VMware virtual appliance with a pre-configured ESM.

Systems monitored

  • Billing
  • Middleware
  •  Customer Relationship Management
  • Provisioning
  • Mediation
  • Hardware
  • Other applications and services