Tridens provides porting and migration services across aggregate platforms. Our services enhance transformation across manifold design architectures, technologies and design approaches to perfect system performance and augment system applicability.

Application Migration and Porting demands special and specific know-how. Our expert team is proficient in dealing with the standard cross-platform compatibility difficulties that can develop during porting. Having had considerable experience with diverse major legacy platforms, we utilize proven and tested methodologies for porting and migration. Our value proposition will demonstrate the superiority of our approaches to those of the competition.

Tridens’ Migration Assessment

Our Migration Assessment portfolio includes:

  • Promptly supplying an inclusive inventory of all impacted modules and functionalities
  • Specifying migration issues by number and seriousness
  • Presenting a delivery strategy to complete the migration
  • Implementing comprehensive testing, debugging, and expanding implementation support

Tridens’ Migration Strategy

Our Migration Methodology includes:

  • Access the logic locked inside legacy systems utilizing our specialist expertise
  • Separate the problem into tractable sections to minimize risk
  • Scrutinize the functionality inside legacy systems by administering Function Point analysis

At Tridens, we follow an exacting procedure, based on customized needs, to optimize, rewrite, or transform functionality and assist our clients in reconstituting their legacy applications to support modern business and technology requirements

Dedicated to providing fully-integrated solutions, our experts have the ability to maximize the utility of reusable components, enabling a more rapid and successful completion of our migration projects.

You can have the utmost confidence in Tridens’ ability to help you migrate to updated technologies and superior efficiency.

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