In addition to  devising outstanding products and solutions for our clients, we develop both partial and full life-cycle projects. When you outsource to us, the results will be apparent in an expansion of product range, a reduction in time to market and a substantial decrease in your development costs. By employing our innovative engagement and process models, we can custom-design solutions that satisfy the varied requirements particular to each client, whether it be a start-up, a mid-sized, or an extensive organization.

What makes Tridens the service provider that you should choose?

  • Our employing the latest tools and techniques
  • Our wide-ranging experience in software engineering and project management
  • Our state-of-the-art software development facilities

Through its value proposition, Tridens is able to pass along appreciable business benefits to its clients, who can feel complete confidence, thanks to our exacting quality-control measures. Our customers know that they can always depend on us for low-risk, high-quality development and maintenance of services. Our highly-skilled outsourced product development team is committed to providing end-to-end product lifecycle management with total solution implementation, as well as maintenance support.

The complete software application life-cycle, from requirement analysis to deployment and rollout, is encompassed by our application development portfolio:

Requirement Analysis

Throughout this stage, we collaborate with you to specify and fine-tune your product requirements. After carrying out in-depth research, we then guide you in selecting the most relevant technology toolkit. Our product analysis includes all potential elements, such as performance, scalability, reliability, availability and budget. Also, your marketing team is assisted by our technological consultants in order to supply increased value-added product functions.

Project Planning, Risk Assessment and Release Discussion

During what is perhaps this most critical part of the entire development process, we  employ tried and tested project management tactics to successfully reduce all risks. We encourage our clients to be a part of this  development procedure at every level of detail. Release schedules and important turning points are talked over at the very first stages, which allows clients to keep their projects well within all stringent budget and time constraints.

Architecture Design and Product Development

Commercial success in today’s marketplace is heavily dependent upon product design. Our commitment is to devise products by employing industry-wide. elegant, best-design principles. So as to maximize profits,  our experts make certain the product architecture is optimized for further product version releases.

Our development teams are comprised of highly experienced professionals, aware of the most recent product development technologies. Our technical leaders maintain thorough control of software implementation and ensure sound project plan implementation.

Quality Assurance (QA) and Testing

Thanks to our strict testing standards, we can guarantee that your product is fault-free, stable, and performs perfectly in an wide range of user environments.

Maintenance and Technical Support

Once product deployment is completed, our experts remain at your disposal for any on-going technical product support needed. In addition, we supply automated and live product support services to efficiently assist your customers in various client locations and across different time zones.

Product Enhancement and Service Release Management

Continuous enhancements based on real-world feedback are a requirement of software development today. Our specialists are prepared to work on new product version releases if product re-engineering is required. Furthermore, if you want to migrate to newly-released or other, alternate platforms, we can assist you in doing so.

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