Tridens can supply its clients’ total software engineering requirements, from product design to new product development, as well as the expansion of their current products on different platforms and geographies.

Tridens can assist clients in re-evaluating customer needs, visualizing product roadmaps, re-architecturing a product, and then developing it, utilizing newer technologies. Our re-engineering services employ a well-defined procedure in which we first analyze the product and collect client feedback. Then, the results of this examination are entered into a complete product development cycle.

Moreover, we  facilitate migrating existing legacy applications to newer open technologies in order to guarantee scalability, future expansion, and precise integration with the latest  commercially available products.

Our re-engineering services include the following:

  • Application Re-engineering Services
  • OS migration
  • Technology Migration

Our performance optimization services enable clients to completely realize the value and capabilities of their investments in different networks solutions. These services ensure that you get the maximum return from your technology and network investment.

Triden’s performance optimization services include the following:

  • Re-evaluating new performance benchmarks for solutions
  • Identifying impediments in existing solutions
  • Re-engineering solutions to comply with higher benchmarks
  • Testing to guarantee compliance with new benchmarks

Tridens provides performance optimization services in the following ways:

  • Optimization of current solution implementation
  • Migration to more innovative technologies
  • Migration to better performing third party components
  • Migration to swifter Operating Systems
  • Migration to faster hardware architecture

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